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Pic: Garware Technical Fibres
Garware Technical Fibres named India's best workplace for innovation

14th Mar 2024

Garware Technical Fibres secures place in India's Top 50 Best workplaces for fostering innovation, highlighting commitment to engaging employees in pioneering initiatives. Prioritising individual growth, it provides customised training and mentorship. The company fosters a collaborative atmosphere, empowering employees to lead and contribute to...

Pic: Covestro
Covestro & Trans-Textil's Aquair gets vegan certification from PFI

18th Jan 2024

PFI confirms Trans-Textil and Covestro's Aquair water-based technology is 100 per cent vegan, meeting high technical and ethical standards. The microporous PU system, based on sustainable Insqin tech, offers unique properties with reduced water and energy use. The regional 'Made in Germany' production emphasises creative freedom in design and...

Pic: Compo-SiL
General Silicones partners with Latvian activewear startup Phystep

27th Oct 2023

GS has partnered with Latvian startup Phystep to incorporate Compo-SiL silicone rubber technology into their sportswear. This collaboration aims to redefine sportswear by integrating kinesiology into activewear, offering athletes a 20 per cent increase in caloric burn with every movement. The silicone rubber technology offers versatility for...

Pic: SailGP
SailGP, Mover to make world’s first plastic-free technical sportswear

14th Oct 2023

SailGP has partnered with Mover to create the world's first plastic-free technical sportswear, challenging the dominance of synthetic fibres in high-performance clothing. This project seeks to demonstrate that natural fibres can excel in demanding sports. Synthetic fibres, which contribute to plastic waste, make up a major portion of sportswear...

Germany’s BASF supplies Asahi Kasei’s Roica with THF BMB

12th Oct 2023

Germany’s BASF is supplying Asahi Kasei's Roica division with biomass balanced tetrahydrofuran (THF BMB) to create sustainable stretch fibres. This collaboration supports Asahi Kasei's launch of a new sustainable apparel collection. BASF's THF BMB reduces the carbon footprint, with Asahi Kasei aiming for a 50 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions.

Pic: Dahsheng Chemical (DSC)
Taiwan’s Dahsheng debuts insole using supercritical foaming tech

31st Jul 2023

Taiwan’s Dahsheng Chemical (DSC) has launched its Durapontex N-Series at the NE and NW Materials Shows, becoming the first brand to use supercritical foaming technology for insoles at scale. The N-Series foam is fully recyclable. The series offers various densities and rebounds, featuring models like Durapontex N20, demonstrating high resilience.

Pic: The Advanced Functional Fabrics of America
AFFOA partners with Family and Consumer Sciences Education leaders

30th Jun 2023

The Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA) Manufacturing Innovation Institute has associated with Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) programmes in the US to promote FCS textile education as a pathway to STEM-based careers in advanced functional fabrics. AFFOA aims to develop a diverse and skilled workforce for the advanced fabric industry.

Pic: Teijin
Japanese company Teijin Frontier develops new functional fabric

14th Jun 2023

Teijin Frontier has developed Solotex Liberte, a functional fabric for sportswear and casual wear. Utilising polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT) fibre with low-shrinkage technology, the fabric achieves softness, smoothness, and quick drying properties. Teijin Frontier plans to promote Solotex Liberte globally for autumn and winter 2024 collections.

Pic: Darshana Jardosh/Twitter
Indian textiles ministry exploring enhanced use of tech textile items

5th Jun 2023

Indian minister of state for textiles and railways Darshana Vikram Jardosh recently said that the textiles ministry is continually discussing with other ministries regarding enhancing use of technical textile items within their domains. The ministry convened a meeting to explore the possibility of raising the use of technical textiles in railways.

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