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Smart Textiles

Pic: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT creates clothes that can sense movement via touch

2nd Apr 2021

Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have designed clothes that can sense a person's movement via touch. These can determine whether someone is sitting, walking, or doing particular poses. The team says that these clothes could be used for athletic training and rehabilitation, and even to monitor health of those in assisted-care...

Pic: Fudan University / Nature
Chinese University creates electronic textile with large display

30th Mar 2021

Scientists at Fudan University have created an electronic textile with a large-area display that could be used in communications, navigation and healthcare. The textile is flexible, breathable and durable, therefore, ideal material for practical uses. The textile has been produced by weaving conductive fibres and luminescent fibres together with cotton.

Pic: North Carolina State University
NC State University team coats yarns with enzymes, to make filters

19th Mar 2021

Scientists at the North Carolina State University have been able to coat cotton yarns with enzymes, substances which speed up chemical reactions, and change hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water. The study is a step towards creating a new generation of chemical filters. They are already designing textile filters to capture carbon dioxide, a...

Pic: Shutterstock
New 'electronic textiles' can change future of apparel, display

18th Mar 2021

A new kind of flowing smart textile has been created by scientists that could potentially change the future of both displays and clothing. The flexible, breathable and durable textile allows use in a variety of purposes. It can be washed and worn without worrying about it being destroyed or wearing out. But the electronic textile functions like a...

Pic: Ergonomix Apparel
Ergonomix uses Trizar technology for performance

8th Mar 2021

Ergonomix Apparel, a cutting-edge workwear and no melt no drip uniform provider, has used Trizar technology in its upcoming clothing line to add performance in both hot and cold weather. Trizar technology uses the science of emissivity. The new line will also have the advanced design that defines Ergonomix work wear and extends the comfort range.

Pic: PR Newswire
US firm OrthoLite develops new thermal insole tech to keep feet warm

4th Mar 2021

OrthoLite, the industry leader of branded, high performance and comfort footwear solutions, has developed a new thermal insole technology, setting a new standard in cold-weather footwear protection. For consumers, this means their feet will stay warmer, they can stay outdoors longer, feel more comfortable, perform better and go farther in cold weather.

Pic: Butler Technologies
Butler Technologies launches Heatwave Developer Kits

1st Mar 2021

Butler Technologies, a leader in printed electronics, has launched its Heatwave Developer Kits, which provide innovators the tools to create with the Butler Technologies’ flexible printed heaters. This gives developers a chance to come up with new designs on their own. The company’s printed heaters are ideal for materials designed to be close to users’ ...

Pic: Ontex
Ontex innovates to improve incontinence care

25th Feb 2021

Ontex, an international personal hygiene group, has come out with an innovation to improve incontinence care. It has developed a top-quality diaper with a printed sensor, a transmitter clipped onto the diaper as well as an application for mobile devices. This determines the saturation level of the diaper and the risk of leakage, alerting caregivers.

Pic: Technicianonline
NC State developing shirt to monitor heart activity

24th Feb 2021

NC State University researchers are developing a shirt which has sensors embedded in it to monitor heart activity. The shirt will help ensure people engaged in activity such as running their heart function is normal. The sensor is a self-powered device that can take a person’s electrocardiogram, meaning it would measure the heart’s electrical activity.

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