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Smart Textiles

Pic: University Of Helsinki
Scientists in Finland develop smart jumpsuit

26th Feb 2020

Scientists in Finland have developed a smart jumpsuit, or a garment that accurately measures the spontaneous and voluntary movement of infants from the age of five months. Details on their motility help in finding out abnormal neurological development and early support. In the future, the jumpsuit may also find use in studying older children.

Pic: Schoeller Textil AG
Schoeller's 3XDry gaining popularity

10th Feb 2020

Schoeller's 3XDry finishing technology, which allows the exterior of a textile to be water repellent while the inside absorbs moisture and quickly distributes it over the surface, is gaining popularity among apparel brands. Textiles with 3XDRY dry much faster in comparison to conventional textiles. The patented technology was launched in 2001.

Pic: Coats
Coats & Osram launch Coats Signal Active Illumination

31st Jan 2020

Coats, a leading industrial thread company, has joined hands with Osram, the global lighting specialist, to launch Coats Signal Active Illumination to help improve people’s safety and visibility. Coats applies innovative techniques to develop high technology performance materials threads, yarns, and fabrics in areas such as automotive and composites.

Pic: HeiQ
HeiQ comes out with updated versions of products

30th Jan 2020

HeiQ has come out with updated versions of its HeiQ Fresh and HeiQ XReflex product lines. For HeiQ Fresh, there are now improved products with better technical aspects, and in case of HeiQ XReflex, product options have been increased. HeiQ is also introducing additional fabrics and insulation packages for HeiQ XReflex. HeiQ was founded in 2005.

Pic: PR Web
NexTex to unveil TurboDry fabrics at Outdoor Retailer

20th Jan 2020

NexTex Innovations will unveil TurboDry technology for high-performance fabrics at the Outdoor Retailer Show during January 29-31. The technology is based on the principals of biomimicry - design inspired by nature. It transports moisture in one direction, away from the wearer’s skin to its exterior. The process keeps wearers dry and is more durable.

Pic: University of Missouri
University of Missouri makes on-skin device for cooling

9th Jan 2020

Engineers at the University of Missouri have developed an on-skin device which provides "personal air conditioning" to human body without using electricity. Called "wearable air conditioning," the device has several human health care applications such as the ability to monitor blood pressure, electrical activity of the heart and the level of skin...

(From Left): Director of Xplova Jia-Yan Chen, ITRI President Edwin Liu, ITRI Senior VP Jia-Ruey Duann, and Everest Textile VP Eric Wu. Pic: Globenews Wire
ITRI, Xplova, Everest Textile to make fitness platform

8th Jan 2020

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Xplova, and Everest Textile have joined hands to develop a digital fitness platform. The three will develop innovative applications in smart sports and digital health around ITRI's iStimUweaR, a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honouree. They aim to promote such applications in the smart sports sector.

Pic: Snewsnet
Schoeller's aerobrane used in Outlier's rain jacket

18th Dec 2019

Schoeller's electrostatic-spun membrane technology aerobrane has been used in its brand partner Outlier's Experiment 200 - Ecstasy in the Rain jacket. Schoeller's aerobrane membrane offers optimum protection against wind and weather, along with exceptional breathability. It is made up of an ultra-fine, hydrophilic polyurethane fibre composite.

Myant, Osmotex to commercialise Osmotex' Hydro_Bot tech

17th Dec 2019

Myant, leader in textile computing, and Osmotex, Swiss pioneer of electronically controlled moisture management technology, have decided to work together for commercialisation of Osmotex's Hydro_Bot active membrane technology across various textile-based applications. This opens up new possibilities in sweat/moisture management and thermal regulation.

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