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Smart Textiles

Pic: Myant
Myant & Ryerson Uni FCAD partner for textile computing lab

6th May 2019

Toronto-based Myant Inc, the world’s first end-to-end textile computing company, and Ryerson University’s faculty of communication and design (FCAD), Canada’s leading creative innovation hub, are partnering to push the boundaries of design, fashion and engineering through new ideas and applications in the emerging field of textile computing.

Pic: Dupont Intexar
Dunmore works with DuPont on wearable electronics

1st May 2019

Dunmore has been working with the DuPont Advanced Materials group on a unique wearable electronics project. Using its strong chemistry background and material handling expertise, Dunmore has helped in designing a flexible electronics film material from the lab to the commercial phase. This material can be integrated into various wearable applications.

Kaist team makes washable displays for smart textiles

26th Mar 2019

Scientists at Kaist have developed a textile-based wearable display module technology that is washable and does not require an external power source, overcoming the problem in smart clothing with regard to its power sources and moisture permeability, which causes the devices to malfunction. The research has been published in Energy and Environmental...

Pic: University of Manchester
Manchester University team makes scalable graphene yarn

8th Mar 2019

Scientists at the University of Manchester have developed a process to produce scalable graphene-based yarn. The process by the team based at the National Graphene Institute has the potential to produce tonnes of conductive graphene-based yarn, using existing textile machineries and without adding to production costs. The research is published in ACS...

Pic: Nature
Chinese team reports breakthrough in power-generating yarn

6th Mar 2019

Researchers at Shanghai’s Donghua University have found a way to achieve the continuous and scalable manufacture of amphibious energy yarns and textiles that are composed of elastic polymers (rubber) and spiral metal fibres, the two of which produce an electro-transfer reaction during any deformation before generating power.This could lead to smart...

Courtesy: Zhor-Tech
Zhor-Tech unveils smart shoes for sports, healthcare

18th Feb 2019

Zhor-Tech, leader in smart shoe technology, has come out with innovations for sports, climate, workplace safety and healthcare. It has introduced electronics and software into shoes, creating wearable technology with benefits. Its easy-to-use Digitsole insoles fit into any running shoe and help professional athletes to weekend warriors improve...

Courtesy: Noble Biomaterials
Brands partner with Noble Biomaterials for smart fabrics

7th Feb 2019

As the consumer trend of demanding premium-quality apparel for multi-use is on the rise, more brands are partnering with Noble Biomaterials, a global leader in odour elimination and smart fabric solutions, to develop products with Noble’s platform of inherent fibre technologies allowing them to stay current in the ever-evolving apparel industry.

Courtesy: Imperial College London
Imperial College team prints metals on natural fabrics

5th Feb 2019

A multidisciplinary team of scientists from Imperial College London has developed technology to print metals such as silver, gold and platinum onto natural fabrics and shown that it could be used to incorporate batteries, wireless technologies and sensors into fabrics like paper and cotton textiles. This may be used in clothing for monitoring health.

Courtesy: University of Massachusetts
UMass Amherst team creates fabric to harvest body heat

4th Feb 2019

Two scientists from the University of Massachusetts Amherst have created a fabric that can harvest body heat to power small wearable microelectronics such as activity trackers. Though wearable biosensors and data transmitters for personalised health monitoring have been developed, they require a lot of energy, while power sources can be bulky and heavy.

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