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Smart Textiles

Pic: Polygiene
Sweden’s Polygiene launches textile-protection Polygiene ShedGuard

1st Dec 2023

Polygiene launched the Polygiene ShedGuard innovation project at the ISPO trade show, aiming to minimise microfibre loss and improve fabric wear resistance during washing. ShedGuard, currently in the final stages of development, involves a unique blend of polymers forming a film around fibre bundles to reduce microfiber loss by up to 70 per cent.

Pic: Salomon
France’s Salomon to launch EPA-approved running apparel

29th Nov 2023

Salomon will launch its new Knit_Flow fabric technology in select running apparel, integrating Ionic+ Botanical and 37.5 technologies for enhanced odour control. This fabric, approved by the EPA, is the first durable plant-based anti-odour formula. The S/LAB and Sense Aero lines will feature this technology, with specific designs for men and women.

South Korean researchers develop graphene-based sensory e-textiles

31st Oct 2023

Korean researchers developed graphene-based e-textiles capable of exchanging information via sensory interfaces like sight and sound. The team used laser direct patterning technology to create laser-induced graphene, achieving electrical conductivity. This method avoids the use of toxic chemicals and optical masks, increasing design flexibility.

Pic: MIT
US’ MIT researchers develop shape-changing FibeRobo for smart clothing

27th Oct 2023

MIT researchers have developed a revolutionary programmable fibre named FibeRobo that can change shape in response to temperature changes, making it suitable for smart clothing. FibeRobo doesn’t require any embedded sensors. Created from a material called liquid crystal elastomer (LCE), the fibre contracts when heated and self-reverses as it cools.

Pic: Rice University
US engineers develop wearable, textile-based device

5th Sep 2023

Rice University engineers have developed wearable textile devices that use haptic feedback to enhance sensory inputs, aiding people with visual or auditory impairments. The system, which includes a belt and textile sleeves, utilises fluidic signals to control haptic cues such as vibration, tapping, and squeezing. These cues can guide users in...

Pic: University of Houston
US researchers develop stretchable fabric-based lithium-ion battery

31st Jul 2023

Houston University researchers have created a prototype of a stretchable fabric-based lithium-ion battery. Led by professor Haleh Ardebili, the team converted rigid electrodes into flexible, stretchable forms, enhancing the prospects for wearable tech. Utilising conductive silver fabric, the new batteries overcome conventional rigidity and fire...

(L-R) Assistant professor Tan Swee Ching, Dr Zhang Songlin, and Zhou Mengjuan from NUS College of Design and Engineering. Pic: NUS
Singapore’s researchers mimic spiders to transform smart textile fibre

11th Jul 2023

NUS researchers have created a new method for producing soft, reusable fibres for smart textiles, inspired by spider silk spinning. The fibres, generated through the Phase Separation-Enabled Ambient (PSEA) spinning approach, exhibit strength, stretchability, and electrical conductivity. Future uses include interactive gaming gloves and...

Pic: Tokyo University of Science
Japanese researchers develop novel wearable chemical sensor

7th Jul 2023

Japanese researchers have developed a wearable chemical sensor using heat-transfer printing, capable of measuring chloride ion concentration in sweat. The sensor can be applied to textiles to prevent skin irritation, making it useful for early detection of heat stroke and dehydration. The study was conducted by the Tokyo University of Science.

TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer. Pic: Emtec Electronic
Germany’s Emtec to display revamped haptic measuring tech at WoW 2023

6th Jun 2023

Emtec Electronic will showcase its revamped TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer at the World of Wipes Conference in Atlanta, July 2023. The device measures and digitises haptic properties of materials, such as softness, smoothness, and elasticity, surpassing human touch limitations. The TSA also captures high-resolution images of samples for easy...

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