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Smart Textiles

Pic: German Bionic
German Bionic unveils latest smart power suit

27th Jun 2020

German Bionic, leader in the development of robotic exoskeletons, has unveiled the latest generation of its smart power suit. Made of ultra-light carbon fibre, the fourth generation Cray X supports workers when lifting heavy loads of up to 28 kilograms by actively amplifying their movements and thus protecting the lower back from excessive strain.

Pic: University of Manchester
Manchester team uses graphene to make smart clothing

24th Jun 2020

Scientists at the University of Manchester have created smart adaptive clothing which can lower the body temperature in hot climates, utilising the thermal properties and flexibility of graphene. They have created a prototype garment to show dynamic thermal radiation control in clothing. Graphene layers were used to control thermal radiation from...

Pic: Linkedin
Industry to revive on high-tech products: NanoTextile CEO

16th Jun 2020

Malaysian firm NanoTextile Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Thomas Ong P S is hopeful of seeing the textile industry seeking to revive with a new growth engine based on high-tech products. The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely offered a sudden stroke to the industry in terms of development and advancement, while consumers are adapting to the new norm, he ...

EPFL makes electronic fibres to measure body parameters

8th Jun 2020

Scientists at EPFL have developed electronic fibres which can be embedded in textiles to collect information about body parameters. The fibres help measure subtle and complex fabrics deformations, and through that information about one’s body. The technology uses transmission line theory and can have several applications, such as in health care and...

Pic: European Defence Agency
EDA produces multifunctional smart textile prototype

5th Jun 2020

A European Defence Agency project on smart textiles has resulted in a multifunctional smart textile prototype - the first of this type and quality in Europe – which has several features required by the defence sector. It has been found to provide multispectral camouflage, detection of hazardous agents, anti-mosquito solutions, and physiological...

Pic: PR Newswire
Siren generates $11.8 million for smart fabric tech

5th Jun 2020

Siren, a medical device company with technology to embed microsensors in fabric, opening way for production of affordable, washable smart textiles and remote monitoring of patients, has generated $11.8 million in funding led by Anathem Ventures, and participation from existing investors DCM, Khosla Ventures, 500 Startups, and Peter Thiel's Founders...

Pic: Teijin Frontier
Murata and Teijin Frontier innovate antimicrobial fabric

4th Jun 2020

Murata Manufacturing, a leader in manufacture of ceramic-based passive electronic components & solutions, and Teijin Frontier, involved in the integrated manufacture of fibres, have jointly developed the world's first piezoelectric fabric, Pieclex, that generates electrical energy and exhibits antimicrobial performance when a motion is applied.

Pic: Google Blog
Google developing touch-sensitive fabric cords

2nd Jun 2020

Google is developing a touch sensitive e-textile cord prototype to control music and other media. It has been made with a helical sensing matrix that helps the user control music by simply using his fingers. The touch-sensitive cords can be instructed based on the discretion of the user, who may single tap, double tap, twist or apply pressure on the...

Pic: Seevix Material Sciences Ltd.
Seevix to use spidersilk tech in filters against Covid

19th May 2020

The developer and manufacturer of synthetic SVX spidersilk, Seevix Material Sciences, will use its patented spidersilk technology to produce disposable and safe filters with high entrapment and inactivation efficacy to neutralise COVID-19 and other coronaviruses. The filters will be based upon a specific peptide sequence that binds SARS-CoV-2 particles.

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