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DITF with ARIS develop 3D textile for graywater treatment
Germany's DITF & ARIS develop 3D textile for greywater treatment

9th May 2024

DITF and ARIS have developed a space-saving, durable greywater treatment system using 3D spacer fabric, aimed at maximising water reuse. The modular design adapts to various building structures and can even be integrated into densely populated urban areas. With low maintenance and long lifespan, it promotes sustainable water use and circular...

US' researchers create fabric touch sensor with machine learning
US' researchers create fabric touch sensor with machine learning

24th Apr 2024

NC State researchers merge 3D embroidery and machine learning to craft a fabric-based touch sensor. The triboelectric device, powered by friction, integrates into clothing, enabling touch control of electronic devices. Machine learning aids gesture recognition, enhancing accuracy. While in early stages, the sensor showcases potential in wearable...

New smart fibre can emit light, generate electricity: Journal Science
New smart fibre can emit light, generate electricity: Journal Science

12th Apr 2024

A team from China and Singapore has developed a smart fibre that can emit light and generate electricity without being plugged in and may address the problems of silicon-based textile systems. The fibre enables wireless visual–digital interactions without the need for extra chips or batteries on textiles. The discovery was reported in the journal...

German tech uses smart textiles for intensive sensory perception
German tech uses smart textiles for intensive sensory perception

8th Apr 2024

German researchers are developing a virtual encounter system using smart textiles for intensive sensory perception that can appeal to all the senses. The technology can enable ill children in isolation wards feel the closeness of parents' bodies even during virtual visits. It can also make gaming experience more intense through realistic body...

Pic: Toray
Japan’s Toray develops diaper-embedded urination sensor

12th Mar 2024

Japan-based Toray Industries has unveiled a diaper-embedded urination sensor using semiconductive carbon nanotubes. The sensor notifies caregivers when changes are needed, aiding eldercare in Japan amid workforce shortages. Tested in nursing homes, the sensor aims for commercialisation by March 2026. Its moisture-resistant design ensures...

PYKRS X-TREME parka combines tech and design for maximum protection. Pic: EIN Presswire
Spain’s PYKRS launches smart jacket PYKRS X-TREME Parka

11th Mar 2024

PYKRS, a Spanish startup, has introduced the PYKRS X-TREME Parka, a smart jacket tailored for urban commuters, cyclists, and motorcyclists. Packed with innovative features accessible via a mobile app or remote, it boasts electroluminescent lighting for enhanced visibility, carbon fibre heating elements, and a fall detection system with GPS.

Pic: RMIT University
Australian researchers use nanodiamonds to make cooling smart textiles

16th Feb 2024

RMIT University researchers utilise nanodiamonds to create smart textiles for faster cooling. Cotton fabric coated with nanodiamonds via electrospinning shows a 2-3°C reduction in cooling compared to untreated cotton. The fabric also boasts increased UV protection. Project lead Dr Shadi Houshyar envisions applications in sportswear and protective ...

2023: Global breakthroughs in smart textile innovations
2023: Global breakthroughs in smart textile innovations

28th Dec 2023

In 2023, researchers worldwide unveiled remarkable smart textile innovations. WSU developed a cotton-like, conductive fibre; MIT's FibeRobo changes shape with temperature. Singapore's team created durable, spider-inspired fibres. The UK team integrated LEDs and sensors into sustainable textiles, while Finnish researchers made temperature-reactive ...

Sara Rosberg Pic: Newsfile Corp
Sweden’s Transforming Textiles launches sustainable tech Sense-Tex

27th Dec 2023

Sweden-based Transforming Textiles AB, spearheaded by Sara Rosberg, has launched Sense-Tex, a fabric that combines style, smart technology, and sustainability. With its unique 5-fibre yarn-thread composition, including two conductors and three natural fibres, Sense-Tex integrates sensor connectivity, promising new tech applications in fashion.

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