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Pic: Oxford Advanced Surfaces
OAS develops new, low temperature cure

24th Sep 2020

Oxford Advanced Surfaces (OAS), a pioneer and market leader in the surface treatment of polymeric, plastic and composite materials by the application of highly reactive carbene chemistry, has come out with a new, low temperature cure of its innovative Onto surface treatment. The new Onto EP1132 cures at 80 degrees Celsius, instead of 100 degrees...

Pic: Shutterstock
Composites UK appoints John Toner new chairman

21st Sep 2020

Composites UK has appointed John Toner, vice president of Teledyne Aerospace and Defence Electronics UK and general manager of Teledyne CML Composites, as its chairman. Toner has been appointed by the board of directors. As chairman, Toner will be central to the association’s vision in becoming the premier trade association for the UK composites sector.

Pic: Applied Composites
Applied Composites acquires Alliance Spacesystems

4th Sep 2020

Applied Composites Holdings, LLC, has announced that it has acquired Alliance Spacesystems, LLC, a vertically integrated provider of high-performance composite structures and assemblies for the commercial, civil and government satellite market. This marks the fifth acquisition of Applied Composites platform created by AE Industrial Partners, LP (AEI). ...

AMRC: vision inspection system saves manual inspection

31st Aug 2020

Researchers at the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) have revealed that a vision inspection system using 3D modelling could help composite manufacturers save time and money by eliminating the manual inspection process of composite materials and parts. Detecting defects in composite structures early is important.

Pic: Argo MRT
Argo MRT, ACT join hands on composites training

27th Aug 2020

Argo Mobile Repair Team (Argo MRT) and Advanced Composites Training (ACT) have joined hands to deliver the most comprehensive hands-on training curriculum in composites available worldwide. The collaboration will help the two companies support aircraft structural repairs, and provide education and employment opportunities for composites technicians.

Pic: G6 Materials
G6 develops formulations for graphene-based composites

27th Aug 2020

G6 Materials has concluded a project to develop two formulations for graphene-enhanced resins for fibreglass and carbon fibre marine composites. The formulations have better characteristics compared to conventional materials. Besides, the improved strength of the resin, the graphene-enhanced epoxy shows a 14-fold increase in fracture toughness.

Pic: National Science Foundation
US' scientists strengthen C-fibre composites with waste

26th Aug 2020

US’ scientists have used natural plant products called cellulose nanocrystals to coat and pin carbon nanotubes uniformly into the carbon-fibre composites, to increase their strength and impart other desirable properties such as high electrical and thermal conductivities. The team says this method of coating nanocrystals is quicker than conventional...

Pic: PR Newswire
Arevo's Aqua 2 for rapid production of composite parts

20th Aug 2020

Arevo, the Silicon Valley company transforming composites production through digitalisation and automation, has unveiled Aqua 2, the world's first high speed additive manufacturing system for large (up to one cubic metre) continuous carbon fibre composite structures. The system enables rapid, on-demand production of large custom composite parts.

Pic: Bitrez
Bitrez designs information source for specialist resins

20th Aug 2020

Bitrez, manufacturer of specialist polymers and chemicals, has come out with a new service to provide customers with technical data on specialist resins used in the formulation of advanced coatings, adhesives and composites via the free, members only, section of its website, My Bitrez. The service offers all the information on the latest developments.

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