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Pic: Shutterstock
Marbocote's new product reduces composites' curing time

19th Feb 2020

A longstanding partnership with Base Materials has helped Marbocote develop a new product for the composites industry. With a fast cure time, the non-contaminating, high gloss product - MTS12 - is quick and easy to apply, ideal for use in the aerospace industry. It has superior adhesion to the mould/tool surface and inherent release properties.

Pic: Michelman
Michelman to display sizing solutions at JEC World

19th Feb 2020

Michelman will display its portfolio of water-based fibre sizing solutions at JEC World 2020 during March 3-5, 2020, including Hydrosize, its versatile line of fibre sizings that allows customers to tailor the surface chemistry of reinforcement fibres to the chemistry of the matrix resin, optimising the interface adhesion between the polymers and...

Pic: Chomarat
Chomarat among finalists of JEC Innovation Awards

17th Feb 2020

Chomarat Group, expert in composite reinforcements, is among the finalists of the JEC Innovation Awards in the Maritime Transportation and Shipbuilding category. It has been shortlisted for its G-Flow 980L, a structural flow media with 100 per cent glass fibre for use in boat production using the resin infusion process, in partnership with Groupe...

Pic: Anand Group
Anand group & FAR-UK to work for carbon fibre composites

17th Feb 2020

The Anand group and FAR-UK have joined hands to develop innovative solutions suited for reducing emissions. The product has the potential for light weighting in vehicles by almost 50 per cent, with strength matching that of high strength alloy steel at the weight of aluminium. Anand estimates a potential revenue forecast of around 600 crores by 2025.

Pic: Solvay
Solvay helping increase production of composite parts

13th Feb 2020

Solvay has developed the material and technology to help automotive and aerospace industries to increase production of composite parts. Its fast-cure prepregs and Double Diaphragm Forming (DDF) are a way to automation. The group has put up a fully automated composite production line at its facility in Heanor, England to demonstrate the process.

Pic: Biesterfeld
Biesterfeld gets distribution rights in Norway & Sweden

13th Feb 2020

Biesterfeld has been granted distribution rights in Norway and Sweden for Airex foams and Baltek balsa products from 3A Composites Core Materials. After successfully handling the distribution in Poland, the partnership has now been extended to Biesterfeld's subsidiaries Lindberg & Lund and ABIC Kemi to include the distribution rights for Norway and...

Pic: Additive Composite
Additive Composite introduces new polymer composite

12th Feb 2020

Additive Composite Uppsala together with the Swedish filament developer Add North 3D has introduced a new high-technology polymer composite for radiation shielding applications. The product is based on research carried out by Uppsala University. The new product provides an alternative to other materials such as cadmium metal in many applications.

Murat Arcan. Pic: Axiom Material
Axiom Materials opens high-temperature composite centre

11th Feb 2020

Axiom Materials has set up a new 3500-square-metres facility for the development, analysis, and production of ceramic matrix composite materials. The new centre enhances Axiom Materials' ceramic matrix composites (CMC) production capabilities in order to support increasing demand for high-temperature composites in aerospace and industrial applications.

Pic: Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
AFRL developing capability to certify composites

11th Feb 2020

Scientists at the Air Force Research Laboratory/Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS) in partnership with industry are developing the capability to accelerate certification of advanced manufactured composite structures. They are setting up a new materials characterisation subfacility, known as the Materials Solutions Network for the purpose.

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