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Football players don SIGVARIS athletic recovery socks
Jul '10
drirelease, the leading brand of high-performance fabrics used in sports and fashion apparel, has entered the playing field of professional football via the adoption of the SIGVARIS Athletic Recovery Socks by the Indianapolis Colts and the Atlanta Falcons.

The SIGVARIS Athletic Recovery Sock is a true, graduated compression garment that promotes lactic acid flush-out and relieves delayed-onset muscle soreness. In addition, the socks provide players with the additional comfort and performance benefits of drirelease, including excellent wicking, drying times that are 4x faster than cotton, and environmentally-friendly odor control. “Our goal with this garment was to create a product that could break through the clutter by delivering tangible performance benefits for athletes and weekend warriors,” said Jason Kern, Product Manager for SIGVARIS North America. “Using drirelease yarns to build our Athletic Recovery Sock allowed us to introduce a truly differentiated product that will help members of the Colts and Falcons stay cool and comfortable during grueling practices as well as help them to recover between games.”

The adoption of the Athletic Recovery Socks by the Colts and the Falcons marks yet another great achievement for drirelease in 2010. “We are very excited that our partners continue to see the performance benefits drirelease delivers to their garment programs,” said Dustin Cohn, Chief Marketing Officer of Optimer Brands and former Marketing Director at Gatorade. “The adoption of garments made with drirelease with FreshGuard by top athletes makes us extremely proud of the products we deliver. We're confident that the players will feel the permanent moisture management and comfort benefits with their SIGVARIS socks, and we wish them a great season,” concluded Cohn.

The Atlanta Falcons and Indianapolis Colts will be supplied the SIGVARIS socks throughout the 2010 – 2011 season.



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