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Innovations in nanotechnology fuels clothing functionalities
Jun '09
Textiles are treated with nanotechnology materials to improve the properties of it, and make it more durable. To name a few, stain repellent, wrinkle resistant threads, body warmers, nano socks to protect the skin against infections etc. It also can be used to add new functionalities like energy storage and communications.

Nanocoatings are used as ski-wax. The ultra thin coating changes according to the temperature and adapts to the surface and snow-crystals. The surface structure remains completely free of wax enabling optimum gliding. Apart from clothing, nano technology finds effective uses in making cosmetics as well. It is used in making anti wrinkle creams, and to prevent dryness of the skin.

Future developments are to use nanotechnology to create Smart and Interactive Textiles (SMIT) that can sense electrical, thermal, chemical, magnetic, or other stimuli. Currently however, the major parts of advanced textiles are relative low tech products like photo chromic t-shirts.

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