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Moving Comfort invests in Biomechanics research
Jan '10
Moving Comfort, industry leader in sports bras and women's fitness apparel, is adding biomechanics research to their sports bra development process to ensure that the company continues to deliver 'best in class' sports bras.

Moving Comfort's biomechanics research is in partnership with Progressive Sports Technologies LTD, the leading sports innovation consultant based at Loughborough University, United Kingdom. Through this partnership, Moving Comfort is conducting extensive testing and analysis of their current sports bra assortment and bras in development. In particular, the company is analyzing women's gait and body movement to determine the ideal bra materials and construction, the degree of support each bra offers and the corresponding impact level rating by cup size.

Initial findings validate the superior performance of Moving Comfort sports bras and will provide valuable insight for future bra development. As testing continues, this scientific analysis will enable Moving Comfort to provide consumers with the first-ever, standardized, impact level rating system. With no universal standard currently in place, Moving Comfort's rating system will empower women to select the optimum sports bra, taking into consideration their cup size and activity of choice.

In addition, initial analysis of Moving Comfort's biomechanics research has uncovered a simple and more precise method for fitting bras that is a departure from the technique currently used industry wide. This new fit method will provide women with an easier and more accurate bra fitting experience.

“Our testing has confirmed that Moving Comfort sports bras support women of all shapes and sizes,” says Julie Baxter, Vice President of Moving Comfort. “As we continue to develop 'best in class' sports bras, ongoing testing of our products along the way will enable us to create the most innovative, supportive and comfortable products in the marketplace.”

Established in 1977 with the first women's running short, Moving Comfort designs and delivers fitness apparel and sports bras that support and inspire women to get fit, be healthy and achieve their own unique personal best.

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