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MPE unveils GreenShield garments
Jan '10
Miller's Precision Enterprises, Inc. (MPE), leading provider of recycled disposable protective garments and greener workplace safety solutions, unveils its new line of 100% recycled apparel. MPE developed the new line, GreenShield, to provide a wide range of industries with quality protection, sustainability and affordability, allowing workers to remain protected on the job while reducing waste and costs.

Various GreenShield products include disposable coveralls, lab coats, shirts and aprons. GreenShield coveralls and lab coats are made with a microporous film laminate, an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective fabric that provides maximum comfort and protection.

"Our goal at MPE is simple: to provide workers with safe and affordable alternatives to the single-use protective garments that have negative impacts on the environment. GreenShield recycled protective clothing allows workers to receive the same quality protection of a brand new garment at a lower price. We are committed to protecting our customers as well as the environment, and with our new GreenShield products, we can do both," says Mike Miller, CEO of MPE.

In addition to layers of breathable, microporous film laminate, the new GreenShield line features styles that include elastic or non-elastic cuffs, attached hoods and boots, and attributes such as splash protection and a comfortable, light weight feel. Industries that benefit from the greener protective solution include general manufacturing, spray painting, electronics assembly and environmental clean-up.

"Cutting costs and reducing waste go hand in hand. With GreenShield recycled products, our customers can save money and the environment without compromising superior protection against hazardous chemicals and particles, from paint to asbestos. Our wide range of styles and features provide protective barriers in any situation, keeping workers safe and comfortable no matter what industry they serve," says Miller.

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