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Protective workwear taken to next level with Insect Shield
Jun '10
Ashburn Hill Corp.'s TECGEN brand team has announced a new line of TECGEN SELECT garments that offer built-in flame-resistance and Insect Shield repellent technology. The latest in the line of next-generation TECGEN SELECT protective apparel, the new Insect Shield repellent technology option provides the benefit of repelling pesky insects while maintaining the protective performance expected from garments made with TECGEN fiber.

TECGEN SELECT brand garments with Insect Shield repellent technology debuted at the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) Occupational Safety & Health Committee Conference in New Orleans in April. They will continue to be showcased at the VPPPA show in Orlando this August and at the NSC 2010 Congress and Expo in San Diego this October.

Insect Shield repellent technology is the first-ever EPA-registered insect-repellent clothing. Recently, the EPA has granted Insect Shield extended durability claims for its apparel registration through 70 washings. Seventy washings is nearly three-times the longevity of the product's original EPA apparel registration at 25 washings. Insect Shield apparel and gear products combine a patent-pending process with a proprietary formulation of the insect repellent permethrin, resulting in effective, odorless insect protection that lasts the expected lifetime of a garment.

Other benefits of the garments include:

• NFPA 70E HRC 2 and NFPA 2112 certification, meeting and exceeding compliance standards and protecting you from radiant heat, electric arc fires and flash fires.
• Year-round comfort – lightweight , breathable, and designed to wick sweat away from the skin.
• Inherent flame-resistance – made with patented TECGEN fiber for protection that will not wash or wear away.
• From the makers of TECGEN XTREME garments – non-structural turnout gear for firefighters.

Garments made with patented, bi-regional TECGEN fiber technology take comfort and moisture-management in flame-resistant protective apparel to the next level through their lightweight fabric, high air permeability and wicking action that transport moisture away from the skin.

“For years, employees exposed to flash-fire and arc-flash related hazards have had to struggle with balancing comfort and protection,” explains David Osbon, global director of sales and marketing for Ashburn Hill Corp. “In most applications, previously available fabrics and garments available provided the necessary protection while sacrificing comfort. Research-and-development efforts over the last few years have focused on maintaining protection while improving comfort.”

Ashburn Hill Corporation is focused on delivering comfortable protective garment people will want to wear, and TECGEN SELECT brand protective garments are designed to achieve this goal.

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