According to a renowned diaper consultant, the world consumption of baby diaper will be approximately 15,000/sec by 2025. Moreover, India being the second largest country in terms of population, the potential is huge. However, the actual consumption is not comparable with developed countries. With increase in GDP and the purchase power, the market is expected to increase significantly. The market today is being captured with a lion share by multinational companies like Kimberley Clark, P&G, Unicharm and others. This is due to the complex nature of business and the volumes it deals with. Moreover the brands do play an important role in this business.

The current demand for baby diapers in India is expected to grow and this growth is further expected to increase because, the spending power of Indian women has increased with increase in socio-economic status, along with increase in awareness about baby's health.

The Project Report on Diapers manufacturing in India includes the detailed costing & profitability analysis for new ventures in India for next 10 year.

Table of Contents:

  • Demand for Baby Diapers worldwide
  • Baby diaper & Nonwovens demand in India
  • World Top 10 Market (Consuming Country) for Baby Diaper
  • Worldwide baby diaper machinery manufacturers list
  • Comparison for production amongst European and Chinese Technologies
  • Land, Building & Construction cost
  • Power Cost
  • Labor Cost
  • Utility Cost
  • Organization chart
  • Pre-operative expenses
  • Total project costing
  • Raw material costing
  • Profitability statement [10 years]
  • Comparison of project cost & profitability for different technologies (European and Chinese)
  • Price comparison among 3 major Indian diaper brands to determine the competitive selling price of the diaper.

NOTE: All the data will be provided in a programmed Excel Sheet. One may input variable prices to get the final profitability calculations.

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