This comprehensive SMS composite Nonwoven Fabric Project Feasibility Report will help to figure out how to start spunbond-meltblown-spunbond composite nonwoven fabric business. It will also help in determining the investment requirement and also help to take decision in terms of which technology to prefer, European or Chinese.

SMS nonwoven fabric is mainly manufactured in North America, Europe, Japan, China, and Saudi Arabia. However emerging markets are India, Russia, Brazil, Egypt, Thailand and Indonesia. Major importing countries of these products are China, Germany, Mexico, Japan, Poland, USA, Canada, UK, France and Turkey.

The products manufactured from this process are extensively used in hygiene markets like baby diaper, sanitary napkin and adult diaper. Other applications of this fabric is in Hospital Accessories like caps, masks, drapes, gowns, aprons, beddings, disposable underwear and General Accessories like  teabags, vacuum filter bags, shoe covers, hair nets, facemask, car cover, coat cover, shopping bag, dust covers, shade net, agro net, etc.

This comprehensive information on Spunbond – Meltblown -Spunbond (SMS) technology will enable industrialists with a vision to explore the technicality & commerciality of technical textiles, particularly on SMS Nonwoven Fabric business and gives a larger perspective of this sector.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Technological Know How
  • Brief about nonwoven
  • History of SMS technology
    • Spunbond
    • Meltblown
  • Production process 
    • Process flowchart
    • Spunbond process
    • Meltblown process
    • Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond (SMS) process
    • Nonwoven production share by different technology
  • Raw Materials
    • Different type of raw materials
    • Market share of these raw materials
    • Physical properties
    • Raw Materials manufacturer list
  • SMS nonwoven fabric
    • Properties
    • Applications
    • Defects during production
    • Troubleshooting measures
  • Machinery
    • Machinery details
    • Worldwide nonwoven machinery manufacturers list

Part - 2: Overview of the market

  • Worldwide nonwoven growth
  • Brief outlook of Asia's progress in nonwoven consumption
  • Growth in India and potential
  • Nonwovens consumption by application
  • Global nonwoven consumption
  • Market share of different web laying proces

Part-3: Export Import Report

  • Worldwide nonwoven fabric export import statistical data of top 50 countries
    • GSM < 25
    • GSM 25-70

Part-4: Project Feasibility biased on different technology for 15 years

  • Comparison for production amongst European and Asian technologies
  • Land, building & construction cost
  • SMS nonwoven machine price
  • Power cost
  • Manpower cost
  • Utility cost
  • Contingency cost
  • Marginal money required
  • Pre-operative expenses
  • Other expense
  • Total project cost
  • Raw material costing (Variable depends upon using master batch for color, treatment either antistatic or hydrophilic and Alcohol Repellency)
  • Finished product costing
  • Profitability statement [ 15-20 years]
  • Comparison of project cost & profitability for different technologies (European and Asian)

NOTE:  The data related to nonwoven project costing report will be provided in a programmed Excel Sheet

Part-5: Glossary

Name Company Name
Country Comments

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