Technical Textiles –the Sunshine Sector is growing at a rate of 4-5 percent and is expected to be worth approximately US$200 Bn to 220 Bn by 2020 worldwide.

This promising sector offers existing textiles producers and manufacturers huge potential to venture into production of diverse technical textiles and nonwoven products and also help to ramp up your company’s business.

Thus, there is a huge opportunity for the textiles mill owners and entrepreneur who are planning to foray into several technical textiles products business utilizing their existing conventional textiles production facility.

So, do you want to:

• Make out, how to start technical textiles and nonwoven business?
• Know which technical textiles you can produce with the existing set of textiles machinery?
• Seek project partners in the Technical Textiles in ongoing or existing projects?
• Procure genuine machinery and spares services for your startup venture in Technical Textiles sector?
• Innovate and expand your existing product lines and range?
• Conduct R&D and testing of new innovative products?
• Solve any doubts or queries regarding Technical Textiles sector?

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