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Smart Textiles

Pic: Seevix Material Sciences Ltd.
Seevix to use spidersilk tech in filters against Covid

19th May 2020

The developer and manufacturer of synthetic SVX spidersilk, Seevix Material Sciences, will use its patented spidersilk technology to produce disposable and safe filters with high entrapment and inactivation efficacy to neutralise COVID-19 and other coronaviruses. The filters will be based upon a specific peptide sequence that binds SARS-CoV-2 particles.

Pic: PR Web
Powercast, Liquid X unveil printed electronics venture

14th May 2020

Powercast Corporation, leader in radio-frequency (RF)-based long-range over-the-air wireless power technology, and Liquid X, advanced manufacturer of functional metallic inks with prototype-to-production design and manufacturing capabilities, have jointly unveiled a printed electronics venture to enable production of durable, flexible, washable...

Pic: PR Newswire
HeroWear makes available its exosuit for all

13th Apr 2020

HeroWear has now made available its exosuit for all. The exosuit has been introduced as part of the WeaRAcon 2020 virtual conference. Researched, developed, and tested at Vanderbilt University, the suit is a back-assist exoskeleton device composed of lightweight materials. It can take over 50 pounds of strain off the back every time an object is lifted.

Pic: DGIST/Eurekalert
South Korean team develops new luminescent technology

10th Apr 2020

Scientists at the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) have developed a new electro-luminescent(EL) technology comprising textile-fibre-embedded multiluminescent device, which may be used in wearable devices in the future. The new device improves efficiency by emitting light more flexibly and stably than the existing devices.

Pic: University Of Helsinki
Scientists in Finland develop smart jumpsuit

26th Feb 2020

Scientists in Finland have developed a smart jumpsuit, or a garment that accurately measures the spontaneous and voluntary movement of infants from the age of five months. Details on their motility help in finding out abnormal neurological development and early support. In the future, the jumpsuit may also find use in studying older children.

Pic: Schoeller Textil AG
Schoeller's 3XDry gaining popularity

10th Feb 2020

Schoeller's 3XDry finishing technology, which allows the exterior of a textile to be water repellent while the inside absorbs moisture and quickly distributes it over the surface, is gaining popularity among apparel brands. Textiles with 3XDRY dry much faster in comparison to conventional textiles. The patented technology was launched in 2001.

Pic: James Heal
James Heal unveils new moisture management tester

7th Feb 2020

James Heal has launched WickView, a state-of-the-art instrument that uses advanced imaging system to track and record the transfer of moisture through fabric and other materials. Combining engineering excellence with a culture of innovation, James Heal, headquartered in the UK, provides elegant product solutions for accurate and reliable materials...

Pic: Coats
Coats & Osram launch Coats Signal Active Illumination

31st Jan 2020

Coats, a leading industrial thread company, has joined hands with Osram, the global lighting specialist, to launch Coats Signal Active Illumination to help improve people’s safety and visibility. Coats applies innovative techniques to develop high technology performance materials threads, yarns, and fabrics in areas such as automotive and composites.

Pic: HeiQ
HeiQ comes out with updated versions of products

30th Jan 2020

HeiQ has come out with updated versions of its HeiQ Fresh and HeiQ XReflex product lines. For HeiQ Fresh, there are now improved products with better technical aspects, and in case of HeiQ XReflex, product options have been increased. HeiQ is also introducing additional fabrics and insulation packages for HeiQ XReflex. HeiQ was founded in 2005.

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