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STFI to showcase lightweight construction innovations at JEC World

24th Feb 2024

STFI will showcase lightweight construction innovations at JEC World, including a hemp-based snowboard with recycled carbon fibres. VliesComp project partners aim to reintroduce recycled materials into various solutions, such as a lightweight end shield for electric motors. STFI will also present bast fibres for reinforcement, extracted from hemp.

Pic: Chicopee
North America’s Chicopee launches 100% recycled microfibre wipe

23rd Feb 2024

Chicopee has introduced rMicrofibre, the first 100 per cent recycled and disposable wipe, addressing sustainability demands in cleaning. It enhances hygiene by effectively removing bacteria, offering superior cleaning on various surfaces. Chicopee emphasises performance, reliability, and environmental responsibility, continuing its legacy of...

Pic: PRNewswire
Former US firefighter launches fire-resistant apparel company

22nd Feb 2024

FILO Apparel, founded by former firefighter Sean Conant and friend Dan McLaughlin, offers affordable, PFAS-free Nomex uniforms for firefighters. Their direct-to-consumer model provides cost savings, faster delivery, and customisation options. The line, inspired by Conant's frustrations with traditional uniforms, prioritises safety and fit.

Pic: TotalEnergies Corbion
Thailand’s TotalEnergies Corbion, Bluepha to create sustainable fibres

21st Feb 2024

TotalEnergies Corbion and Bluepha collaborate to enhance PLA and PHA fibre applications in China. Their blend of Bluepha PHA and Luminy PLA promises lightweight, durable, potentially antibacterial fibres. The collaboration’s main focus is to address issues such as uneven dyeing and fibre thermal stability. First commercial releases anticipated by ...

Pic: Hexcel
US’ Hexcel to show aerospace & industrial innovations at JEC World

21st Feb 2024

Hexcel will showcase aerospace, automotive, marine, and industrial solutions at JEC World 2024 in Paris, including a new carbon fibre, HexTow IM9 24K, and rapid-curing prepreg, HexPly M51. The company will exhibit aerospace parts, marine components, automotive technologies, and sustainability initiatives like skis made with bio-derived resins.

Pic: GlobeNewswire
US’ Quantum to unveil innovations of Innegra at JEC World 2024

21st Feb 2024

Quantum Materials will reveal new developments for Innegra at JEC World, expanding its yarn range from 430 to 3800 deniers and introducing custom colours and coatings. Innegra, known for its lightweight and versatile properties, finds applications in diverse industries including aerospace, sports, and military. Quantum will exhibit at Booth #6P42A.

Pic: Owens Corning
US’ Owens Corning posts net sales of $9.7 bn in FY23

20th Feb 2024

Owens Corning reported $9.7 billion in sales in FY23, a slight decline from last year but improved EBIT margins to 19 per cent and EBITDA to 24 per cent. Diluted EPS at $13.14, adjusted at $14.42. The company’s composites segment saw a 14 per cent sales drop in FY23, with EBIT down to $242 million due to lower demand and inventory adjustments.

Pic: RMIT University
Australian researchers use nanodiamonds to make cooling smart textiles

16th Feb 2024

RMIT University researchers utilise nanodiamonds to create smart textiles for faster cooling. Cotton fabric coated with nanodiamonds via electrospinning shows a 2-3°C reduction in cooling compared to untreated cotton. The fabric also boasts increased UV protection. Project lead Dr Shadi Houshyar envisions applications in sportswear and protective ...

Pic: Rockline Industries
US’ Rockline pledges to reduce emissions by 50% in 10 years

16th Feb 2024

Rockline Industries pledges to cut scope 1 & 2 emissions by 50 per cent in a decade from a 2022 baseline, outlined in its 13th sustainability report. Rockline is poised to exceed the goal, having adopted green electricity at major sites. The report also addresses waste reduction, wastewater challenges, and celebrates team efforts towards...

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