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Argar comes up with antiviral, antibacterial fabrics

05 Jun '20
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Pic: Argar
Pic: Argar

Italian protective fabrics developer and manufacturer Argar has come up with new antiviral and antibacterial fabrics which use an innovative technology to kill viruses and bacteria, ensuring effective protection against contamination and their transmission. The fabrics also undergo a water-resistant treatment to prevent transmission through droplets.

Argar’s all new AVirTex line is a range of fabrics characterised by an innovative technology which combines antiviral and antibacterial actions that kill viruses and bacteria present on fabrics. AVirTex fabrics also include a water-resistant treatment that prevents the passage of droplets through the fabric - droplets being among the main causes of transmission of viruses and bacteria. According to Argar, the combination of the two finishes guarantees greater protection compared to standard fabrics used for the same purpose.

The AVirTex line is made with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class II certified materials (knitted fabrics) and the fabric finishes comply with the current Reach legislation and will undergo Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification procedures.

Argar‘s AVirTex line comprises P1006-VRW, P1009-VRW, J10010-VRW, and J3106-VRW.

In collaboration with HeiQ, a leading Swiss company in the manufacture of chemicals for the textiles industry, Argar has developed an antiviral and antibacterial treatment for its fabrics using the innovative HeiQ Viroblock formula. The application of HeiQ Viroblock is possible on all Argar fabrics and on those developed in collaboration with its customers. Such fabrics could have applications in making personal protective equipment (PPE), medical, sport, fashion, automotive, furniture and accessories.

Non-treated fabrics offer an ideal surface for hosting both viruses and bacteria, spreading their transmission. AVirTex fabrics treated with HeiQ Viroblock, on the other hand, kill viruses and bacteria in a two to five minutes time frame, minimising the retransmission potential of pathogens from the fabrics.

Argar’s AVirTex fabrics exhibit excellent antiviral and antimicrobial activity even after several washes, as demonstrated by comparative tests of antibacterial activity analysis ISO 20743.

“Wearing clothes and having fabrics treated with antiviral and antibacterial finishes is the right choice,” the Italian company explains. “AVirTex fabrics by Argar vanquish 99 per cent of viruses in just 2 to 5 minutes.”

HeiQ, HeiQ Viroblock and Viroblock are trademarks or registered trademarks of HeiQ Materials.

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