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Bamco to showcase bamboo charcoal flooring in US

08 Nov '19
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Mr. Charles Lim. Pic: PR LOG
Mr. Charles Lim. Pic: PR LOG

Bamco will showcase its BamcoFlor Bamboo Charcoal Flooring in New Orleans, US at the 'Leaping Forward Together to USA' to be held from November 12 to 14, 2019. The flooring has been awarded at the Brands For Good 2019 under 'Environment – Sustainable Resource Use' category. The patent-pending flooring is highly resilient and 100 per cent recyclable.

The first-in-the-world Bamboo Charcoal Flooring for Sustainable Living is innovative, most sustainable, eco-friendly, durable and reliable. It has purifying properties and suits all climates. All three layers of BamcoFlor composite core are 100 per cent waterproof, fused together using state-of-the-art heat compression technology to produce a child-safe, non-toxic flooring solution free from phthalates and formaldehyde.

Easy to maintain, BamcoFlor is fire-resistant, scratch-resistant, chemical-resistant and slip-resistant and has under floor heating which is excellent for spaces with young children or senior citizens. BamcoFlor Bamboo Charcoal Flooring comprises three distinct tiers: diamond Shield, design tier and the core layer - Bamcore.

The diamond shield layer, a tough top layer that protects the design tier is constructed using a patented cutting-edge technology, creating first-in-the-world, extremely durable flooring and is able to withstand rigorous use.

The design tier is the middle layer that reflects specific designs, colours and customised patterns with high aesthetic appeals of natural wood and stone texture for selection.

Using Bamco's unique formulation and proprietary manufacturing process, the key component of BamcoFlor is the core layer Bamcore made of powderised bamboo charcoal. BamcoFlor's state-of-the-art Vocuum Tech absorbs harmful formaldehyde from the surroundings, keeping the environment safe and non-toxic. Its UniLink click-system is easy to install and requires less labour. It can be reused during renovation/moving.

"With BamcoFlor Bamboo Charcoal Flooring, it is possible to live modestly and being grounded in one's surrounding hassle-free, to ensure our living spaces are eco-friendly, sustainable, non-toxic and healthy for our mind and body," says Charles Lim, co-founder of Bamco.

Bamco received the Singapore Green Building Product certification for BamcoFlor in January 2019.

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