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Cevotec participates in GOCarbon Fibre forum

31 Oct '18
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Courtesy: Cevotec
Courtesy: Cevotec

Cevotec’s EVP, Neven Majic participated in the GOCarbon Fibre forum 2018 where he emphasised on the virtual process chain as key enabler for patch-based composites. GOCarbon provides a unique global forum for all parties involved in the carbon fibre supply chain where high calibre speakers give a comprehensive update on the industry’s development.

Cevotec enables manufacturers to build complex fibre composites in high volume and quality – by smart process automation based on fibre patch placement technology. With SAMBA, Cevotec offers customisable, automated fibre lay-up systems for challenging 3D geometries and multi-material laminates with complex fibre orientation.

Artist Studio is the matching CAE software for generating patch-based fibre laminates and automated robot programming. Along with development services that include FE-based modelling and simulation, Cevotec offers the entire process chain from digital design to final fibre product.

Talking about automated manufacturing of complex composites for new applications in aerospace based on fibre patch placement technology, Majic showed up fibre patch placement as state-of-the-art technology to overcome challenges in production of complex composites. “As virtual product development is crucial for the whole process, the technology-specific CAD-CAM software Artist Studio for generating patch-based fibre laminates and automated robot programming opens up exciting perspectives for carbon fibre industry branches,” said Majic.

“Particularly the technology’s potential for the multi-material design of complex sandwich components as common in aerospace industry aroused high interest among the audience,” recapped Majic. “The FPP production system SAMBA Multi with its parallel feeding units for different materials enables the automated lay-up of this special multi-material mix in one single system which has an extremely positive effect on process times and thus the production volume,” he added. (PC)

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