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ETC unveils compact servo tensioning creel for winding

Jul '20
Pic: ETC
Pic: ETC
Engineering Technology Corporation, an expert in filament winding and composite solutions previously known as Entec, has come out with a new compact servo tensioning creel for high-speed wet, dry and towpreg winding. The aim was to produce an accurate tensioner with a low number of contact points and capability to maintain accuracy at high payout speeds.

The system has been tested with the most challenging fibres, such as pitch carbon fibre, alumina fibre, and others ranging from 1,000 to 50,000 filaments.

The unique configuration of the guide rollers keeps fuzz to a minimum and reduces stringer wrap-ups, which are an inherent issue with some fibre types. The ST2 can accommodate up to sixteen 22.9 cm diameter bobbins in 208.3cm X 182.8cm X 101.6cm footprint. The system can be customised based on production specific requirements.

“The ST2 high-speed tensioner was designed to meet and exceed the ever-increasing demands of modern fibre winding. The new tensioning creel is particularly important for the company’s portfolio because it was developed to handle the high winding speeds achieved with the new CXG filament winder, geared to the high production of COPVs. ST2 went through a rigorous development period, and it was amazing to see how stable the tensioning system performed even at fast payout speeds,” said B Jay Larson, general manager.

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