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Freudenberg extends Evolon for technical packaging
Dec '15
Freudenberg Performance Materials has extended its range and features of microfilament textiles made using Evolon technology for technical packaging.

Freudenberg has done so by extending its range of available weights and mechanical properties, special finishes and protective features in order to fulfill the requirements of other applications and industries.

“Freudenberg's microfilament textiles are innovative materials for the packaging and transport of highly sensitive parts, providing enhanced surface protection while bringing significant operations savings,” a press release said.

“They provide an extremely durable soft and smooth surface which is anti-scratch, breathable, and absolutely lint free, while damages to moulded plastic parts, painted parts or highly complex parts are prevented,” it added.

Freudenberg Performance Materials recently supervised comparative scratching tests involving its latest variant of microfilament textiles and several competitive products.

“Only the Freudenberg solution created no damage to painted metallic parts during this intensive lab test,” the Germany based company observed.

High-performance protection provided by Freudenberg´s microfilament textiles results from its unique, world-wide patented Evolon technology.

Bicomponent filaments are spun, then hydro-entangled thanks to high-pressure water jets, and split to generate microfilaments which are 100 times thinner than a human hair.

“Unlike staple fibres, filaments cannot release fibres or lints because they are virtually endless and at the same time, extremely fine microfilaments avoid micro-scratches on sensitive parts,” Freudenberg noted.

In addition to automotive applications, Freudenberg´s microfilament textiles offer solutions for other packaging applications such as consumer electronics, consumer appliances, lighting systems, etc.

The heavier grey variants of Freudenberg´s microfilament textiles for packaging, ranging from 100gsm to 240gsm, are designed for the transportation of heavy parts.

Evo 200 SG SP and Evo 240 SG SP provide high mechanical strength, which make them the ideal eco-friendly substitute to conventional PVC compositions.

“Their good tensile strength properties remain in the range of acceptable variation ratios when exposed to outdoor conditions,” it stated.

Freudenberg further added that recently, some of those packaging materials have been also granted an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 80, the highest value of the demanding 'UV Standard 801'.

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