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Malaysian firm Durio launches 4-ply solid colour surgical face masks

Mar '21
Pic: Durio PPE Sdn Bhd
Pic: Durio PPE Sdn Bhd
Durio PPE Sdn Bhd, the largest manufacturer of face masks and melt-blown fabrics (middle filtration layer of a mask) in Malaysia, has launched a new series of 545 Trendish solid colour 4-ply surgical face masks with a theme of 'Colour Your Life', making masks more stylish. The four new solid colours are black, denim blue, maroon red and dark purple.

With an intention to provide high-quality and affordable face masks for Malaysians during the ongoing pandemic, Durio team took protection, comfort, breathability, skin-friendly and aesthetic design of masks as the primary consideration, and created masks with the highest protection and trendy design.

"As a brand that insists on adhering to quality and precision as its core, Durio has invested in equipment to ensure the use of the most advanced technology by striking a balance between science, material and fashion. Durio masks are carefully crafted with the strictest technical standards, using high-quality, skin-friendly and skin-safe raw materials, while also incorporating a sense of fashion," the company said in a press release.

"Durio is committed to quality by specialising in high filtration efficiency and airflow comfort of masks. Durio's surgical face masks are certified with 99 per cent BFE bacterial filtration rate and 98 per cent PFE particle filtration rate with lowest airflow resistance. The highest filtration rate and the lowest airflow resistance rate have made Durio stand out from many competitors in the market," the release added.

There are masks on the market that do not meet the basic requirements of production and safety. However, protection should not be overlooked. Each layer of the mask plays an important part to ensure comprehensive protection and maintain the comfort of the wearer, the company said. 

In the newly launched surgical face masks, from the outer waterproof nonwoven fabric, the middle electrostatic melt-blown fabric and the inner layer of absorbent nonwoven fabric, including the ear loops and the nose strip, they all have their particularities. The outer layer effectively resists fluid and droplets, the middle layer melt-blown fabric electrostatically capture virus, bacteria and particulate, and the inner layer can effectively absorb saliva moisture and reduce the friction with the skin, improves the comfort of the wearer and reduce irritation

Durio’s elastic ear loop pulls inwards from welding outer layer to reduce the gap at the side between the face and mask for maximum fit protection. And flat design elastic ear loops reduce tension and discomfort. Extra longer nose strip ensures that the mask is easy to adjust and fit any face shape, and let the wearers feel comfortable and breathable all day long.

With European CE certificate, US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) registration, Durio PPE Sdn Bhd is certified to ISO 13485:2016 Medical Devices Quality Management System and with MDA Establishment License and Medical Device Registration Certificate, Malaysian Institute of Standards and Industry (Sirim). Durio’s face mask products also achieve EN 14683:2019 Type IIR protection level.

By working with premier global company and using the finest quality of 100 per cent polypropylene, supplemented by the company's 30 fully automatic face mask production lines, Durio is able to produce 2 million masks per day. Durio masks are produced in a controlled room environment that meets the ISO-13485 certification standard.

Durio stands out with 4 units of 1.6m advanced melt-blown production lines, which can achieve 240 metric tons of monthly capacity and can support 240 million pieces of face mask production. Durio offers high quality electrostatically charged melt-blown material for long-lasting and high filtration efficiency and also supplies melt-blown fabric to other local mask manufacturers.

By putting quality assurance as Durio’s top priority, a particle filtration efficiency tester is also invested to ensure a reliable filtration efficiency rating and air permeability of masks. This set of particle filtration tester is only available with Durio and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in Malaysia.

Besides the newly launched 4-ply solid colour surgical face masks, there is a wide selection of Durio face masks, including 3 ply blue masks, colourful five-colour stylish masks, patriotic-themed masks, kid masks, and 4-ply batik printed masks and active carbon grey masks. Durio also produces KN95 filter grade 3D three-dimensional folding masks for front liners and also customised design masks for clients.

In addition to focusing on high protection, Durio also emphasises aesthetics and design of masks. The company said it will continue to research and innovate, and launch more types of masks to ensure that consumers have adequate protection while being stylish.

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