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Nukkua Weighted Blanket unveiled on Kickstarter

Oct '19
Pic: PR Web/Kickstarter
Pic: PR Web/Kickstarter
The Nukkua Weighted Blanket with VentoFlo Cooling, a first of its kind thermoregulation technology that enables users to keep cooler longer with a weighted blanket, has been unveiled on Kickstarter. Nukkua is designed to enable natural ventilation in weighted blankets by including ‘breathe openings’, mapped based on the human body’s thermal heat map.

The breathe openings allow body heat that accumulate under a multi-layered blanket to disseminate naturally.

“We have developed this unique solution of VentoFlo Cooling as we believe the current market practice of using a ‘cooling’ textile for the covering of a weighted blanket is inadequate and offers only temporary relief of about 15-20 minutes. Many consumers have not been able to enjoy the full therapeutic benefits of a weighted blanket simply because it is just too hot to sleep with one,” said founder and CEO Piau Phang Foo.

Weighted blankets are known to positively impact sensory disorders, anxiety, depression, autism and insomnia because of its simulation of deep pressure touch. Through applying broad and deep pressure all over the skin, the large sensory input has a calming effect on the body. This is because by engaging the neuro-receptors in the body, deep pressure is known to encourage serotonin and dopamine production in our bodies. Serotonin and dopamine are chemicals or neurotransmitters in the brain that affect factors such as emotions, mood and social behaviour, appetite and sensations of pleasure. In addition, serotonin is necessary for the body’s ability to produce melatonin, the main hormone for sleep. It also suppresses cortisol, the stress hormone.

Nukkua is the first to market with a thermoregulation solution for the issue of body heat and VentoFlo Cooling represents the most significant technology breakthrough in weighted blankets. 46 to 53 breathe openings (number depends on the size of blanket) is punched through all seven layers of the Nukkua weighted blanket. Each breathe opening is secured with twice repeated 400 zig-zag stitches to ensure that the inner weight fill of glass beads do not leak.

“Sleep is important to everyone, across all age groups and gender,” Foo said. “With Nukkua, which incidentally means ‘to sleep’ in the Finnish language, we are providing the features and a price point that will make it effective and affordable for busy people with high stress levels and anxiety to get the deep therapeutic sleep they need.”

“As testament to the confidence we have in our product and the great sleep we believe our Kickstarter backers will get from VentoFlo Cooling, we are invested to start full production prior to the campaign launch. By planning and executing our supply chain deliverables very tightly, the Nukkua weighted blankets are expected to be delivered to our backers within three months of concluding our Kickstarter campaign. With a Nukkua weighted blanket as companion, we sincerely hope our backers will have the perfect hug without the heat!” said Foo.

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