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Palarum PUP smart sock impresses French minister

08 Aug '18
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Courtesy: PR Newswire
Courtesy: PR Newswire

Palarum PUP smart patient sock technology was at the centre during visit of Bruno Le Maire, France's minister of Economy and Finance, to Texisense, the French company that made fabric pressure sensors and leads for the sock. It has patented technologies woven into conductive fabric, enabling real-time monitoring to prevent falls and enhance physical therapy.

The PUP smart patient sock technology also enhances rehabilitation. Le Maire was touring textile firms located in the Coriolis area.

Keith Planner, Palarum's European representative, explained to Le Maire how the PUP sock works and the innovative technology woven into the sock's material by Chausettes Perrin, another French company. "Minister Le Maire was intrigued with the sock and understanding how the material invented by and woven by two French companies was changing patient safety by significantly reducing patient falls in the hospital. He also acknowledged the positive business relationship forged around new technology between the French companies and Palarum in the United States. He held the sock and felt the fabric. He especially liked the idea that this revolutionary new product was possibly saving lives."

"In addition to the minister, Texisense welcomed six Parliament members, three senators, one European deputy, and ten regional and local representatives during the visit," said Marc Barsoum, commercial director for Texisense. "The minister emphasised that innovation and the traditional workforce needed to work together to provide enough workers to produce the products of the future like the PUP sock. He cited the partnership between Palarum, Texisense, and Perrin as an example of integrating innovation with value added, with Palarum and Texisense bringing innovation to the table and Perrin producing the revolutionary socks."

"The PUP smart patient sock is truly an international collaboration that started in 2015," said Patrick Baker, president and CEO of Palarum. "Palarum is the exclusive licensee of the Texisense technology and Perrin knits the socks to our proprietary specifications and design. Then, the socks are shipped to Ohmatex in Denmark where the fabric connector and sensor/transmitter module are manufactured and assembled. The completed socks are then shipped to us in the US where we are rapidly expanding the number of evaluation studies occurring in acute care hospitals across the country."

Palarum has signed agreements with acute care hospitals and rehabilitation facilities across the United States to conduct evaluation studies of the effectiveness of the PUP sock with patients judged to be high risk for falls. Early results are promising with studies from evaluation sites demonstrating dramatic decreases in falls among patients who are enrolled and wearing the PUP sock. (SV)

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