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Pic: National Composites Centre
UK’s NCC commissions Cygnet Texkimp filament winding machine

9th Jan 2024

The UK's National Composites Centre (NCC) has commissioned Cygnet Texkimp's four-axis filament winding machine for its new hydrogen transportation and storage facility. The machine, designed for simultaneous winding of four tows, features tension control units, custom software for data recording, and two four-position creels for different fibre types.

Pic: Adobe Stock
JEC, EuCIA join forces to promote composite materials in Europe

14th Nov 2023

The JEC Group and EuCIA have signed a three-year agreement to promote composite materials in Europe, focusing on a net-zero future. This partnership will enhance networking, market intelligence, and industry-wide communication. They will co-produce the 2023 JEC Composites Sustainability Report and introduce new initiatives at JEC World 2024.

Ahmedabad Univ, ATIRA partner to advance R&D in technical textiles

20th Oct 2023

Ahmedabad University and ATIRA have joined forces to enhance education and research in technical textiles and composites. A two-year master of technology programme in composites at the university will be a highlight of the collaboration. This programme will provide in-depth knowledge in mechanics, design, manufacturing, and testing of composite...

Pic: Teijin Limited
Teijin sells Japanese subsidiary GH Craft to TIP Composite Co

3rd Sep 2023

Teijin Limited is selling its Japanese subsidiary GH Craft to TIP Composite, aiming to focus on its North American operations. Acquired in 2008, GH Craft has been crucial in composite material design for aerospace, automotive, and railway sectors. Teijin, facing profit shortfalls due to various factors, is reallocating resources to North America.

Pic:Newcastle University/Hub or Biotechnology in the Built Environment
UK researchers develop mycocrete from mycelium

18th Jul 2023

Scientists have developed mycocrete, a composite material made of mycelium, the root network of fungi and knitted textiles. The mycocrete is stronger and more versatile than previous biomaterials, offering potential for eco-friendly construction. The knitted molds provide a flexible framework for growing the mycelium, allowing for diverse shapes...

Pic: Michelin/Facebook
France’s Michelin set to buy Flex Composite Group for €700 mn

23rd Jun 2023

French tyre manufacturer Michelin will acquire Flex Composite Group (FCG) for €700 million in line with Michelin’s 2030 strategy. The move will boost Michelin’s polymer composite activities, while also improving FCG’s environmental footprint. The acquisition will grow Michelin’s High-Tech Materials revenue by approximately 20 per cent.

Pic: Toray
Toray to show next-gen composite material solutions at Paris Air Show

15th Jun 2023

Toray Industries will participate in the Paris Air Show to discuss advancements in composite material technologies for the aerospace industry. The company's carbon fibre and thermoplastic composites are essential in enabling the adoption of composites in aviation. Toray remains committed to sustainability and providing innovative solutions.

Pic: Incidence Sails
Aluula Composites partners with France’s Incidence Sails

14th Jun 2023

Aluula Composites has collaborated with Incidence Sails to introduce Aluula Durlyte, an ultra-light and strong composite material for sailmaking. With 10 times the abrasion resistance of competing materials, Aluula Durlyte is revolutionising sail design and performance. This partnership marks the beginning of Aluula's journey in sailmaking.

Pic: Hexcel
Hexcel marks opening of newly expanded operations plant in Morocco

12th May 2023

Hexcel Corporation has unveiled the completion of an expansion project at its engineered core operations facility in Morocco. The purpose of this expansion is to address the need for lightweight advanced composite materials within the aerospace sector. Situated in the Midparc Free Trade Zone in Casablanca, the plant has undergone significant growth.

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