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UK's Pincroft to showcase Night Stealth Camo fabric at DSEI 2023

01 Sep '23
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Pic: Pincroft
Pic: Pincroft


  • Pincroft will make its inaugural appearance at the Defence and Security Equipment International in London.
  • The company plans to unveil Night Stealth Camo, a fabric designed to enhance concealment in nighttime special operations.
  • The fabric specifically addresses the vital needs of special forces, offering a breakthrough in infrared disruption technology.
Pincroft, a UK-based leading commission textile dyer, printer, and finisher, has announced its debut participation at this year’s Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) in London. Over there the company will reveal Night Stealth Camo—designed to revolutionise concealment during nocturnal special operations.

The bespoke solution caters precisely to the unique requirements of special forces operatives. Pincroft has over 90 years of experience supplying armed forces and defence companies globally. The Night Stealth Camo acknowledges the paramount importance of infrared disruption for nocturnal missions and stands out as a striking industry innovation, Pincroft said in a press release.

While Night Stealth Camo appears black to the naked eye, the fabric displays intricately printed camouflage patterns with infrared signatures when viewed through night vision equipment. This versatile technology accommodates various fabric types, including 100 per cent cotton and cotton blends.

At DSEI, Pincroft will conduct a live demonstration of Night Stealth Camo. Attendees will witness the fabric seamlessly transition from black under regular vision to revealing intricate infrared camouflage patterns when observed through night vision equipment.

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