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US' Kindthread unveils global partnership for healthcare workers

25 Jul '22
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Pic: Kindthread
Pic: Kindthread

US’ Kindthread, a global company of healthcare apparel brands, has announced a worldwide partnership in support of ALL IN: WellBeing First for Healthcare, a call to action by #FirstRespondersFirst and the Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes’ Foundation to support systems-level change and a cultural shift that prioritises the well-being of healthcare workers.

Kindthread’s commitment includes an inaugural, first-year pledge of up to $250,000 in support of creating real-life solutions for healthcare professionals while broadening awareness of and engagement with well-being and mental health support resources, the company said in a press release.

Kindthread is a modern, digitally-forward, customer-obsessed organisation, dedicated to serving healthcare professionals while driving positive community impact. Its mission to improve the lives of healthcare workers extends beyond product and retail experience. As rates of burnout, turnover, and post-traumatic stress reach an all-time high within the healthcare community, Kindthread aims for its efforts to deliver solutions that address the nuanced needs of healthcare workers. Through Acts of Kindthread, their social impact platform, the brand partners with non-profit organisations to raise awareness, inspire action, and support advocacy efforts that deliver meaningful and sustainable impact.

The first event Kindthread is supporting in collaboration with #FirstRespondersFirst and ALL IN:WellBeing First for Healthcare, is the NurseHack4Health Pitch-a-thon, an event that empowers nurse-led, interdisciplinary teams to ideate, create solutions, and pitch ideas that directly address wellbeing and workplace challenges.

An always-on platform, Acts of Kindthread is committed to delivering financial and in-kind resources to grassroots advocacy groups and leading non-profits in support of healthcare professionals and scaling sustainable solutions that promote their holistic well-being. To further advance this commitment, Kindthread has engaged CAA’s Social Impact team to architect and activate the Acts of Kindthread platform. 

“As a company that serves the healthcare community, all of us at Kindthread are committed to making a positive impact on the mental health and well-being of healthcare professionals worldwide. Our partnership with ALL IN: WellBeing First for Healthcare is an important step in bringing our community together to find the best ways of caring for those who care for us,” David Murphy, CEO of Kindthread, said.

“Being a part of this event underscores Kindthread’s commitment and dedication to the nursing community and our understanding of the critical role they play in helping find solutions for the challenges that healthcare professionals face. We want to help create sustainable solutions that take care of our healthcare professionals and improve our entire healthcare system,” Murphy added.

“The core of our work is to prioritise the well-being of those who have focused their entire professions on caring for others. The cross-sectoral partnerships and relationships that we have built to drive our mission forward are crucial to achieving systemic change needed for a more supported workforce. The creativity of Kindthread’s contribution in this space is appreciated and we look forward to the impact we will be able to realise together. Addressing health worker burnout is about more than health. It’s about reflecting the deeper values that we aspire to as a society—values that guide us to look out for one another and to support those who are seeking to do the same. Health workers have had our backs during the most difficult moments of the pandemic. It's time for us to have theirs,” Deborah Marcus, CAA Foundation executive, said.

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