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US' Premier Body Armor to commercialise Eclipsys-based products

16 Dec '21
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Pic: Alexium
Pic: Alexium

Alexium International Group Limited has announced the commercial launch of Eclipsys-based products by Premier Body Armor, a manufacturer of complete body armour systems. This announcement marks the first commercial body armour product using the Australian-headquartered company’s Eclipsys technology and the realisation of a new market for the company.

The success of the company’s thermal management and cooling products in the US bedding market has been integral for revenue growth over the past 24 months. Expanding these products into adjacent markets is a strategic initiative of the Company for which this announcement marks a major milestone. Body Armor offers attractive opportunities for growth with internal market analyses estimating the total addressable market at $25 million per annum (excluding military applications), Alexium said in a press release.

For decades the body armor industry has faced the fundamental challenge of designing ever more demanding life-saving products which necessarily increase the thermal burden for the wearer. Studies have shown that this increased thermal burden can deteriorate the physical performance and health of the wearer. Eclipsys is a patent pending technology that reduces the thermal burden by removing heat at twice the rate of a standard vest. Importantly, unlike many other cooling alternatives, the Eclipsys technology can be integrated into products with minimal design changes and negligible additional weight burden.

The company’s first customer for Eclipsys products in the body armor market is Premier Body Armor. We have achieved first revenue with Premier Body Armorto support their initial inventory and marketing needs and will support ongoing sales as they formally launch the Eclipsys products on their website in the coming weeks. In addition to body armor applications, Eclipsys technology has applications in a range of other markets with bedding targeted for the next commercial launch.

Premier Body Armor is a US-based manufacturer of body armour systems with a focus on protective apparel for first responders and individual protection. The company is privately owned and headquartered in Gastonia, North Carolina, USA. In addition to direct sales with first-responder groups, Premier Body Armor has a strong online presence for a range of body armour gear.

Commenting on their adoption of the Eclipsys technology in their products, Premier Body Armor CEO Frank Stewart stated, “Our field trials have been overwhelmingly positive with many law enforcement individuals stating that the technology not only provided a cooler environment, but also provided enhanced recovery time and diminished fatigue levels. We are excited to bring a technology to market with our customer base that has been sought for a long time.”

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