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US' Regal Lager launches Terra's premium plant-based diapers & wipes

12 Jun '23
2 min read
Pic: PR Newswire
Pic: PR Newswire


  • Regal Lager is now distributing Terra's premium plant-based diapers and wipes in the US and Canada.
  • Terra diapers are made from 85 per cent plant-based materials, offer 360-degree absorbency, and provide 12-plus hours of wetness protection.
  • They are chlorine-free, fragrance-free and use natural fibres.
  • The wipes are biodegradable and made from bamboo fibre.

Baby and children's products distributor, Regal Lager, has announced that it is now distributing New Zealand based Terra's premium plant-based diapers and wipes in the US and Canada.

Terra Diapers and Training Pants are made from 85 per cent plant-based materials and boast 360 degree absorbency, instant dryness, and 12-plus hours of protection against wetness. In addition, Terra plant-based diapers are dermatologically tested, help prevent diaper rash, feature skin-loving natural fibres, and have a non-toxic wetness indicator, so no chemicals are used to detect wetness. They contain 0 per cent chlorine, fragrance, latex, parabens, phthalates, and bleach and use food-safe ink on product and recyclable paper packaging, thereby creating an eco diaper that actually works, Regal Lager said in a press release.

Terra Diapers are made from the highest-quality plant-based materials. The diaper and training pants' backsheet is made from 100 per cent bamboo fibre (which is very different than bamboo viscose); the 100 per cent US natural wood pulp is FSC certified; and the PLA water resistant sheet is made using non-GMO, sustainable corn starch, which doesn't leak but does let heat out to create a cool, dry environment that reduces diaper rash and irritation.

Terra Diapers are available in sizes 1-6, while Terra Training Pants are available in sizes 4-6. Terra's eco-friendly wipes are made from 100 per cent biodegradable FSC-certified bamboo fibre (not bamboo viscose) and 99.5-plus per cent pure New Zealand water. They contain 0 per cent plastic, chemicals, fragrance, or optical brighteners and are made from a textured, cross-woven fabric for extra durability.

"Regal Lager is thrilled to offer Terra's unparalleled diapers and wipes to parents in North America and cannot wait to see the positive effect the products have on their daily lives," said Bengt Lager, president of Regal Lager.  "We're proud to represent a company like Terra that takes the best ingredients that mother nature has to offer and combines them with cutting edge manufacturing, technology and human innovation, without sacrificing performance."

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