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US' Sheets & Giggles unveils sustainable hybrid model mattress

29 Jul '22
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Pic: Sheets & Giggles
Pic: Sheets & Giggles

Sheets & Giggles, maker of award-winning sustainable bedding, has announced the launch of its first ever mattress: a sustainable hybrid model that is the most comfortable, affordable, earth-friendly mattress on the market. Sheets & Giggles is a US-based sustainable bedding brand, which has grown by more than 200 per cent year-over-year every year since 2018.

Sheets & Giggles’ naturally cooling, all-natural eucalyptus mattress contains two layers of renewable, biodegradable latex that sit on a base of up to 1,032 tightly packed recycled US steel coils. The core of the mattress is covered in the company’s flagship eucalyptus lyocell fabric, which has made the upstart brand famous since its launch four years ago. The latex/steel core hybrid offers excellent underlying back support and pressure relief, as well as excellent air flow. This breathable core is encased by the brand’s famously temperature-balancing eucalyptus lyocell, creating an ideal condition for hot sleepers who have traditionally suffered due to heat-trapping foam mattresses with polyester or cotton covers, the company said in a media statement.

Sheets & Giggles bedding also wicks away and evaporates moisture (sweat) better than cotton, promoting an arid, anti-microbial environment that helps keep sheets fresh and clean far longer between washes than cotton or polyester. Plus, every Sheets & Giggles sheet set uses 96 per cent less water than cotton sheets, 30 per cent less energy, and infinity per cent less pesticides (i.e., none).

Beyond the best-in-class sustainability and comfort, the Sheets & Giggles eucalyptus mattress is also dust-mite resistant, anti-microbial, and recommended for sensitive skin and hair. It also costs hundreds of dollars less per size than any comparable eco-friendly competitor.

“Say goodbye to night sweats. In the past 4 years since we launched our flagship 100 per cent Eucalyptus Lyocell sheets, we’ve heard from over 100,000 hot sleepers that our fabric is a game changer. However, we needed to go the last mile and solve for what too many people still had underneath our sheets: oil-based, polyurethane foam mattresses. Along with being an environmental and public health disaster, petrochemical-based foam traps heat underneath sleepers; it’s essentially like sleeping on a plastic slab. Unfortunately, because it’s dirt cheap to manufacture, most larger mattress brands have embraced eco-disastrous foam mattress cores, all in the name of boosting profit margin. So, we spent the last 18 months building our own mattress from the ground up, and we’re beyond excited to begin shipping in August 2022,” Sheets & Giggles founder and CEO, Colin McIntosh, said.

“Being able to give so many people a deeper night’s sleep is truly a gift. To say nothing of our worldwide climate crisis, we have an under-the-radar sleep crisis in the US, which contributes massively to our society’s continuously deteriorating state of mental and physical health. People by and large don’t understand that if you’re not routinely getting 4-6 uninterrupted REM cycles, your body and mind cannot heal or grow. Overly soft or hard mattresses, heat-trapping foam cores, and cheap polyester and cotton covers all contribute to waking up in the middle of the night, which resets your REM cycle. We’re tired of all the vague marketing jargon used to sell cheap oil-based sleep products; we want to help Americans make informed, conscious decisions about their bedrooms,” McIntosh said.

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