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IVL presenting united portfolio of fibre at Techtextil in Frankfurt

22 Jun '22
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Pic: CAHYADI SUGI/Shutterstock
Pic: CAHYADI SUGI/Shutterstock

The Mobility, Hygiene and LifeStyle fibre segments of Indorama Ventures (IVL) are being presented together under One IVL brand for the first time at the ongoing Techtextil exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, to demonstrate a comprehensive range of innovative recycled and biodegradable solutions across nonwoven, fibre and fabric applications.

IVL is displaying its solutions at Techtextil 2022 at Hall 9.1, D05.

These three verticals in the IVL fiber division are formally presented together for the first time at Techtextil 2022. The unification of IVL’s fibre technologies, processes, brands and global reach across the Mobility, Hygiene and LifeStyle; the vertical business offerings that make up the fibres segment of IVL, clarifies and strengthens IVL’s global position to meet increasingly challenging market demands. The consolidation of IVL Mobility, IVL Hygiene and IVL LifeStyle demonstrates IVL’s continuous approach to collaboratively developing sustainable solutions, innovating together to achieve its circular objectives and enabling customers across all its verticals to deliver on their own commitments to sustainability.

As a global leader in PET recycling, IVL is reimagining chemistry to create a better world and is fully committed to innovating processes and materials to achieve a circular economy as demonstrated by its business practices and partnerships with industry to use collective expertise to advance all its business segments.

With a strong heritage in pioneering sustainable technologies, IVL hygiene are optimising group materials and technologies and applying this expertise across specialist areas such as insulation for both thermal and acoustic applications and offering multi polymer solutions with enhanced functionality. Similarly for filtration media, the breadth of polymer and technologies which IVL hygiene can support, is driving innovation across both air and liquid filtration applications.

IVL is on a continuous journey of innovation towards a circular economy, it is showcasing its breadth of sustainability offerings at Techtextil 2022 including its end of material use options including Biotransformation Technology, CiCLO, PLA as well as its circular options to include Deja and CiCLO.

Deja, made with polyester yarns produced out of used, rPET material, not only bottle flake but broader rPET Streams, made possible through recent IVL investment in state of the art recycling technologies, further strengthening IVL's ability to support customer sustainability and circular economy objectives. It offers multiple solutions for environment friendly approaches and products. Deja is differentiated in the market by its performance-led suite of sustainable solutions that helps customers to achieve their sustainability targets, while also responding to end-consumers’ demand for transparency and environmental responsibility.

CiCLO, a textile technology which allows polyester and other synthetic materials to biodegrade like natural materials do in wastewater treatment plant sludge, sea water and landfill conditions. Reducing synthetic microfiber pollution generated during washing and minimising plastic accumulation in landfills caused by discarded textiles. IVL is partnering with industry to meet market demands with collaborative and innovative solutions for sustainable futures across the fibres, nonwovens and fabrics sector. Globally across all its territories and across its polymers range, IVL companies are working together with industry and with each other to achieve the best products and the best outcomes without compromising performance or the environment. Developments are featured at Techtextil 2022 and the IVL team welcomes the opportunity to explore how these developments can support customers' sustainability goals.

Indorama Mobility Group has accrued decades of industry knowledge and experience as well as the strong brand equity of each company accumulated over the years in the technical yarn and fabrics for automotive, tyre and industrial sectors. This vertical targets end-use markets such as tire reinforcement, airbags, seatbelts, mechanical rubber goods, sewing threads, fabrics, ropes and cordage and composites wherein it has built strong market positions over the years. Indorama Mobility Group now has a unique portfolio of yarns, single-end cords and fabrics based on polyester, polyamide, rayon and aramid hybrid as well as the innovative product pipelines from on-going R&D programs. At Techtextil, Indorama Mobility Group is demonstrating the latest product developments based on innovations like Breathair; a lightweight, highly water repellent and recyclable 3D structure and Enka TecTape Hybrid Roving for the automated production of continuous fibre reinforced composites with thermoplastic matrix.

IVL Hygiene exemplifies the capabilities that customers, consumers, and governments have come to rely on. From comfortable inner linings to filter media for face masks, from breathable barrier materials to medical gowns for surgery rooms. A ‘Forward Innovative Thinking’ (FIT) component strategy has been developed to give product designers the ability to intermix functions and capabilities to generate consumer products that improve the quality of life.

IVL LifeStyle represents the business of numerous Indorama Ventures Limited sister companies. Formed in 2020, Indorama LifeStyle comprises 13 production sites in 9 countries. From polycondensation, through to chips production, spinning, texturing, yarn dyeing, beaming, and twisting. Offering both staple fibers and filament yarns, the polyester production of Indorama LifeStyle is fully integrated, with all production steps taking place in-house, which enables Indorama LifeStyle to offer solution driven and customized products for apparel, automotive interior textiles, as well as for contract, home and industrial textile solutions and apparel throughout the world. Indorama LifeStyle will showcase some product displays and exhibits which will highlight its consumers brands CoolVisions a lightweight, functional and also dyeable polypropylene; NewLife a functional and sustainable filament yarn with added values for manifold applications areas from automotive, apparel to home and technical textiles as well as PLA yarns made from 100 per cent renewable raw materials.

The development and evolution of sustainable technologies is central to activity across IVL which it has distilled into four key pillars Recycled Materials, Biomaterials, Future Designed and Lower Carbon.

IVL is committed to developing and leading the transition to a circular economy. “We are united across our portfolio as we continue to strengthen our Mobility, Hygiene and LifeStyle verticals designed to inherently add value as we accelerate our journey towards sustainability to meet the demands for a fully circular economy. At IVL, we are focused on driving innovation and collaboration across our verticals, within our company and as part of our industry to meet the challenges and share the opportunities that a circular economy presents for us all,” Chris Kenneally, executive president Fibres at IVL, explained.

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