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Myant displays medical textiles at CES 2020 expo

Jan '20
Pic: PR Web
Pic: PR Web
Myant is presenting a line-up of textile products that enable continuous and ambient heart health management at CES 2020, from January 7-10, 2020, in Las Vegas, in booth #43925, Sands expo, health and wellness. Myant, based in Canada, knits sensors and actuators into everyday textiles, giving them the ability to sense and react to the human body.

The company is displaying apparel from the Skiin Connected Health & Wellness line which was honoured as a winner in the Health & Wellness category of the CES 2020 Innovation Awards, according to Myant.

While electrocardiography, or the study of the electrical activity of the heart, has long been recognised as a crucial diagnostic modality in the management of overall health, access to cardiac diagnostics has long been restricted within the context of clinical settings, and offered only to those suffering from, or at significant risk of cardiac disease. Factors such as high cost of care and complexity in diagnostic devices have led to an approach towards heart health management that is largely reactive in nature as opposed to truly preventative.

Heart disease is still the leading cause of death in the world, and there is no current way to monitor the heart in an ambient, passive, seamless, and reliable manner - essential to preventative care. Myant’s mission is to create that connection to the human body, through everyday products that are already pervasive in our lives and continuously being used, in order to connect everyone, regardless of their age, gender or ability, and throughout all facets of their lives.

Myant has been working to develop textiles that can sense the electrical activity of the heart, and deploying these textiles in different form factors (like clothing, furniture, car seats, and so on). By distributing the data captured by these interfaces through a cloud-based, AI-enabled platform, Myant is ushering in a model for heart health management that is continuous, ambient, preventative, and democratised. This will create continuous access to best-in-class heart health machine learning algorithms, something that is currently confined to leading hospitals and cardiologists.

Myant will be bringing these products to market under its connected brand Skiin. The line-up of apparel can record ECG data from multiple points of the body to obtain different ECG vectors resulting in more accurate and continuous heart monitoring. The Skiin line-up of interfaces showcased at CES 2020 includes underwear with 2-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) and activity and temperature monitoring; bra with 3-lead ECG recording and activity and temperature monitoring; and 3 to 5-Lead ECG shirt with multiplexing capability between electrodes and activity and temperature monitoring.

The company is also displaying a single-lead ECG recording polo shirt with PPG sensor for ECG-PPG cuffless blood pressure measurement; 3 to 5-lead ECG onesie with multiplexing capability between electrodes; 12-lead maternal ECG and fetal ECG monitoring abdominal band with lead selection capability from 16 electrodes for optimal fetal ECG recording.

Myant is also presenting a 12-lead medical grade cardiac Holter monitor, utilising Myant proprietary fully textile dry motion-resistant active electrodes, with ECG recording with continuous mechanical/electrical electrode contact monitoring.

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