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US' Kindthread unveils new company in the healthcare apparel sector

07 Apr '22
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Pic: Landau
Pic: Landau

US’ Kindthread has unveiled its transformative new company within the healthcare apparel industry as a result of the recent acquisitions of Landau, White Cross, Chefwear, and Scrubs & Beyond by an affiliate of LKCM Headwater Investments, a leading middle-market private investment firm. Kindthread will establish a new headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

With a commitment to supporting caregivers, the venture will offer thoughtfully curated products, services and experiences. As the company looks toward modernising its heritage brands, the focus will remain on delivering innovative products and memorable experiences to healthcare and service professionals around the world, according to a press release by Kindthread.

“Kindthread is a solution the healthcare apparel industry has not yet seen: a modern, digitally-forward, product-focused and customer-obsessed organisation, dedicated to serving healthcare professionals while driving positive community impact. The company’s name has significance. Kind and thread—a combination of two simple words illustrates the core values of the organisation. We believe combining great brands with an omnichannel and specialty retail ecosystem allows us to best serve healthcare professionals and demonstrates our commitment to the industry overall,” David Murphy, chief executive officer of Kindthread, said in a statement.

“Kindthread represents a unique opportunity to invest in a platform of established brand players in Landau, White Cross, Chefwear, and Scrubs & Beyond—that, combined, have been servicing our global healthcare professionals for over 100 years. We are impressed with David Murphy and his teams’ ability to quickly scale this platform and look forward to helping accelerate the reinvestment into these brands and future complementary acquisitions to further expand innovative product offerings, service capabilities, and geographic relevance,” Rick Settle, principal of LKCM Headwater Investments, said.

“LKCM Headwater is committed to partnering with family-owned businesses and leading executives. We continue to seek platforms that we believe can benefit from our ability to drive transformational growth through organic initiatives and add-on acquisitions. We are excited to partner with David Murphy and his executive team who have a deep knowledge of the industry and a comprehensive plan to grow Kindthread’s portfolio. This, in addition to the talented teams across the brands and the leaders’ commitment to a positive culture, are key elements for a successful future,” Michael Bornitz, partner of LKCM Headwater Investments, said.

A new executive team brings significant expertise across supply chain, retail, sales, design, apparel and workwear. Together at the enterprise level, this group will reinvigorate the portfolio’s pioneering brands whose historical product and service innovations are synonymous with the healthcare industry today. The company plans to cultivate talent and capabilities within the organisation and further invest in new talent, reaching outside the apparel industry to acquire best-in-class executives across retail, marketing, digital, creative services, and community impact.

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