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Clariant to display innovative products at Techtextil
Jun '13
Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, meets the performance priorities of technical textiles with advanced solutions, so as to ensure such textiles are always fully fit for function.

At Techtextil 2013, Clariant will present “effects that perform and chemistry that cares” in three key focus areas – Repellence & Release; Flame Retardancy; and Stability & Resistance.

Repellency and Release

In response to increasing concerns about the use of certain chemicals in the production of textiles, Clariant is developing new solutions which are allowing textile producers to adopt more sustainable operations and processes.

Next generation C6-based fluorochemicals: Nuva N

Nuva N C6-based products, first introduced in 2006, support the gradual switch away from traditional long-chain fluorotelomer products which, as an unintended manufacturing by-product,  may contain PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) at trace levels.

Designed to achieve state-of-the-art stain management properties, Nuva N is extremely easy to handle in processing, imparting long-lasting soil repellency and release effects, while being non-sensitive in respect of its compatibility to other finishing chemicals.

Along with improved sewability and no impact on the breathability of the fabric, the agent has a positive effect on the abrasion resistance and tear strength demanded of many materials in the technical textiles field.

Clariant is continuing to expand the Nuva range as well as increasing production capacity. Nuva 1811, Nuva N2114 and Nuva N2155 all meet the bluesign1 criteria.

New fluorine-free water repellency solution: Arkophob FFR

Meanwhile, entirely fluorine-free chemistry and long-lasting water repellency – two benefits that have been previously unattainable in a single solution – come together in Arkophob FFR.

This technology is an efficient alternative to conventional fluorocarbon-based repellency products, and its carefully-selected active ingredients and their special formulation allow a durable and even film formation on the surface of the fabric.

Arkophob FFR has been extensively tested by Clariant experts in respect of its water repellency, in addition to its wash permanency and the softness or ‘hand’ of the resulting fabrics. In spray tests on 100% cotton twill fabric, for example, it clearly outperforms other fluorine-free products in terms of water repellence, and its performance is very close to C6 fluorochemicals. It meets the bluesign criteria and, when correctly used, also meets the OekoTex standard.

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